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Wow! Just - wow. The best massage I've ever had." -RM


"I just wanted to say that you are the best thing since sliced bread!" - Nicole


"I've had massages all around the world and this is the best!" -Misc (paraphrased from 4 different clients)


"I don't know what I would do without you!" -Anonymous


"I can't get a massage anywhere else. You really spoil me!" -BW


"Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the cupping. I had a little residual cold from the bronchitis I had a few weeks ago; runny nose, tiny bit of a cough, that sort of thing, but after the cupping I have noticed a dramatic improvement! Not a single cough all day yesterday and today and I didn't wake up with any drainage this morning! Sooo nice to finally be over it. I am very happy and...I think the energy work really helped me creatively and it always seems to elevate my mood and really clear my mind...I'm really excited to continue working with you!" -Ryan B


"I had developed pain and cramping in the back of my legs, making it impossible to walk any distance without resting. I went in to get a massage to see if I could get some relief. Amber suggested focusing on specific areas and a combination of different therapies. She proposed a plan of three sessions, each session improving my condition until it was gone! I liked how concerned Amber was about my problem." -Karen


"I really like the stress relief and pampering I get from Amber. The best is the face lift massage with the cold globes!!" -Janelle

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